On the road we investigate new sites: urban, “natural”, populated, remote…. we employ our creative and technical skills in dance, visual art, improvisation, projection mapping, networked performance…. with our curiosity, enthusiasm and zest for new artistic discovery.  On these pages you can see some of our recent investigations of site – many of which will be impromptu and realised as a serendipitous happenstance of the location we found ourselves and our studio parked for a day or two.

The Huts at Charco Hurones, Andalucia, Spain

January 2017 – a series of landscape installations illuminating remote areas of Andalucia connected with the storage and supply of water to cities many kilometers away.  The live installation work in this series investigates the juxtaposition of man’s interventions and the underlying landscape.  It also looks to reveal the hidden workings and effects of these interventions which would normally be unseen or realised by the casual visitor.

As no electrical supply is available in these locations all equipment (projectors, computers, lighting, workstations) were powered by solar energy collected on site during the period of the installation development and operation.

A cold night in January, even for Anadlucia – around midnight, literally in the middle of nowhere, several hundred metres of cable, projector and energy from solar powered batteries. Watch to the very end to see location in daylight revealed.  (Music Credit:Dirk Markham)

Zahara el Gastor Resrvoir, Andalucia, Spain

The Zahara el Gastor reservoir, completed in 1992, its shoreline moving as the level of the reservoir changes based on water usage and income.  A group of dead trees standing at one edge provide a set of striking vertical markers in the landscape.  In two projects we explore this setting.

In the daylight hours, a warm January day no more than a passing sheep or distant vehicle breaking the constant sound of the stream,

With an almost full moon present, in the mid of the night, our second examination of this location